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MSRP € 579

Hamidashi, best known as the Kumicho's/Oyabun's (head boss/father) "finger cutting knife", is to this day used as a defense weapon in close quarter battle, as well as an apology knife. When a lower ranked member disobeys the rules, they are to commit the ritual of Yubitsume/Otoshimae (finger shortening) to atone for offenses to another and to show sincere apology. The Gokudō Hamidashi definitely lives up to its name, as the soul of this knife is very intimidating. 

Hamidashi is a traditional Japanese tanto (short sword) with a small Tsuba (hand guard). The Gokudō Hamidashi is the latest addition to our Gokudō product line. Don't let the size fool you, it may be the smallest of the product line but it sure is sneakier and feistier than its bigger brothers, Gokudō Shoto and Gokudō Aikuchi. The hand forged and polished T10 nagasa of this Hamidashi is surely very imposing with its special patterned real clay tempered hamon. It is compact enough to carry and conceal, yet long and hefty enough to be used in close quarter combat as both, a stabbing and chopping weapon. This blade's geometry, including the extra long 13o mm kissaki, was meticulously designed to obtain exactly the right curvature for maximum cutting power and also for effortless stabbing ability. The right balance was achieved by carefully calculating the nakago (tang) as well as the properly tapered nagasa towards the tip. 

The Gokudō Hamidashi features a small traditional smooth edged and blackened iron tsuba, a brass habaki and seppa paired with laughing Buddha menukis on the black samegawa (rayskin) covered tsuka (handle). The Rikko shape of the tsuka was chosen for the purpose of ensuring really firm and secure grip along with the rayskin. Menukis are placed in a manner that they fit perfectly into the palm of the hand to fill any empty spaces when gripping the knife. A buffalo horn fuchi secures the seppa plates and the tsuba in their place. Buffalo horn can also be found from the uniquely shaped slanted kojiri, as well as from the kashira. The custom hardwood saya of the knife is wrapped in rich silk sageo and speckled with laquer forming a water-droplet design. The kurigata and koiguchi are also made from buffalo horn to complete the look.


As always, the weapon is quaranteed BattleBlades quality. Get all three Gokudō series swords and you truly have one of a kind, lethally beautiful trio. The knife comes with an embroidered BattleBlades silk sword bag and a serial numbered certificate. 


Order your handforged Gokudō Hamidashi now - please check our dealers here!

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1.12 Shaku / 34.0 cm / 13.38 in


0.71 Shaku / 21.4 cm / 8.42 in


0.41 shaku / 12.6 cm /  4.96 in


 7.0 mm / 0.28 in


5.0 mm / 0.20 in


3.0 cm / 1.18 in


? cm / ? in


clay tempered hand forged T10 steel


0.384 kg / 0.847 lbs

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