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Discerning professionals,
we have the edge you need.

With our founder's lifelong experience in weapons of all kind, BattleBlades Inc. has inherited a wealth of knowledge and expertise that’s incomparable. We utilize his experience to provide museum quality products you can truly count on. Our products are made with quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques to meet the highest industry standards.

Through years of dedicated study of materials and forging techniques, consulting the experts in the field and setting up higher standards for details and fittings, we are now able to offer impeccable blades to meet the needs of discerning professionals at a very competitive price.

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The great thing about legends is that
sometimes they are true.

As the springs flow through the mountains of Longquan, from the iron mines into the Ou River, the life of Tamahagane steel begins. Tiny grains of precious iron sand gather at the bottom of the mountain...

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Interested in arming yourself with our blades? Send us an e-mail to place an order or become a dealer by clicking the link in site menu. We are always here for you.

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