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MSRP € 999

Meet our heaviest and hardest chopping weapon yet, a wild hybrid: BattleBlades Nagi-gatana. The magnificent weapon, known as Naginata, is an iconic pole arm with devastatingly effective curved single edged blade. It was carried by Samurais and Ashigarus in feudal Japan. Whilst having a lot of similar elements and parts with traditional katana, the reach and pure cutting power of Naginata was astonishing. We took the best parts of both and made a two handed sword, with the curvature of a Naginata sword but elegance of a katana, the Nagi-gatana.

The elegance of handforged Nagi-Gatana sword

Combining the elegance and unique beauty of the finest traditional japanese katana with the range of motion and raw power of Naginata wasn't the easiest task to accomplish. The nagasa is slightly shorter compared to usually seen katana's blade, but with wider motohaba and wider blade toward the tip. It has a shorter tsuka than in a Naginata but a wider blade than in a katana. The curved blade provides a long cutting surface without increasing the overall length of the weapon. The Nagi-gatana is quite hefty, yet swift to use and well balanced, as the Unokubi-Zukuri shape reduces the heftiness of the blade. The weight combined with curved blade ensures maximum cutting power. It's forged from T10 steel and embellished with our aggressive visible real clay tempered hamon and double bo-hi.


The extra long tsuka, inspired by Naginata, was designed not only to balance the weapon, but also to provide maximum torque for cutting. The tsuka has genuine samegawa rayskin under the Hinerimaki-wrapped silk Ito and it is embellished with iron fuchi and kashira as well as a brass tsuba. Custom made brass habaki and Naginata menuki add the finishing touches on the outstanding koshirae. We quarantee you will be thrilled by Nagi-gatana's swift and effortless wielding and point of balance. 


Making a special sword requires a special scabbard. Nagi-gatana's fully custom made classy hardwood saya is paired with gold dotted black silk Sageo and buffalo horn kurigata and koiguchi. A layer of light brown wood stain adds a bit of luxury to the saya. The stunning saya is made and fitted by hand to its exact sword, meaning that no other sword, not even of another BattleBlades Nagi-gatana will fit, if it's not its custom saya. 


The sword comes with an embroidered BattleBlades silk sword bag and a serial numbered certificate. 


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Read more about T10 steel here.




3.49 shaku / 106.0 cm / 41.73 in


2.227 shaku / 69.0 cm / 27.12 in


1.22 shaku / 37.0 cm /  14.17 in


7.7 mm / 0.30 in


3.4 mm / 0.133 in


3.3 cm / 1.3 in


3.8 cm / 1.49 in


clay tempered hand forged T10 steel


1.40 kg / 3.08 lbs

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