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MSRP € 3799

A steel full of myths and legends, a steel so rare and tough - it's truly an honour to present to you our genuine handmade Sōdai Tamahagane katana. This sword was created in honor of the finest sword art and the mythical skills of forging the most precious katana blade ever existed.


No shortcuts, no cheap shots - we went through a hard and time consuming process to offer you one of the greatest katana swords on the market. Every detail on our handmade katanas has been considered carefully.


How the handforged Tamahagane katana is born

As the springs flow through the mountains of Longquan, from the iron mines into the Ou River, the life of Tamahagane steel begins. Tiny grains of precious iron sand gather at the bottom of the mountain, in the Ou River, where the silt is then hand panned to collect enough iron sand for a blade. To make one Tamahagane blade, over 100 kilograms of silt needs to be panned.


The iron sand is then delivered to the master swordsmith, who heats it up and picks the best pieces of molten Tamahagane. Making a katana from Tamahagane requires an extraordinary level of expertise from the swordsmith. The pieces have to be strong and at the right carbon level. The experienced swordsmiths can tell the quality just by the look and feel.


After picking the best pieces and stacking them together, the swordsmiths will laminate different carbon level (0.6-1.5%) Tamahagane steel collected from the kera to create a sword which has a hard edge, soft core and springy sides for ultimate performance. This process turns the Tamahagane steel into a Honsanmai Tamahagane blade. The handforged sword is remarkably well balanced for exceptionally swift and effortless handling. One must handle this masterpiece in order to feel its outstanding potential.


The nagasa of this sword is hazuya-jizuya polished by hand and battle sharpened to bring out the beauty of the blade. It has a Suguha-hamon, a straight real clay tempered hamon allowing the Hada of the blade to be clearly seen.

The details of the handmade Tamahagane katana

To furthermore accessorise the engaging blade, we added 24K gold plated details on the blackened copper tsuba, fuchi and kashira. The custom brass habaki has the BattleBlades name hand-engraved in kanji characters. The fittings are first rate, the tsuka is katate-maki wrapped in brown premium grade silk Tsuka-ito.

Protecting the nagasa, is a black handmade hardwood saya with multiple thick layers of lacquer. We decided to go with an extra long premium grade silk Sageo with custom made buffalo horn Kurigata, to ensure maximum grip when pulling the sword from its saya.


Sōdai Tamahagane handmade katana comes in a branded wooden box with an embroidered BattleBlades Inc. silk sword bag and a serial numbered certificate of authenticity, as well as an additional certificate of authenticity. Order yours now from our dealers here!

Click here to read more of how our Tamahagane steel is made.




3.4 shaku / 103 cm / 40.6 in


2.343 shaku / 71 cm / 27.9 in


27 cm / 10.6 in


7.5 mm / 0.30 in


3.1 mm / 0.197 in


3.15 cm / 1.24 in


2.3 cm / 0.905 in


handforged and polished Honsanmai Tamahagane


1.19 kg / 2.62 lbs

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