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The Sengoku Bushō Shinken sword originally got its idea from the Tachi swords of earlier periods of Japanese history. This Shinken Sword is a weapon of high ranking samurai and therefore more impressive what it comes to decoration. It is made of 1095 steel and operates as a katana. In the text below you can read more about the history of the Sengoku period and our Busho Shinken Sword.

Samurai weapons of Sengoku Busho

The Sengoku period was one of the most warfilled eras in feudal Japan, lasting for 136 long years. In this period of Japanese history there were high ranking samurai and officers called the Sengoku Bushō that also acted as bodyguards for the rulers as they needed constant protection from the assassins of opposing states. Quite often, the weapons the Sengoku Bushō carried were more decorative and expensive, in order to address their higher ranking status. For this reason we decided to decorate this sword with antique finished brass details; gorgeous embellished harnesses fitted on the saya and kashira as well as a flower patterned fuchi and koiguchi.

The features of Sengoku Busho Shinken Sword

The Sengoku Bushō Shinken sword originally got its idea from the Tachi swords of earlier periods of Japanese history. We wanted to keep the effective Koshi Sori-like deep curvature of the blade most common to Tachi, along with some of its other elements as well, e.g. the harnesses on the scabbard and the Tachi style koshirae. This handforged 1095 steel hybrid though is to be carried like a katana, as well as drawn and fought with the style and techniques developed for katana in the Sengoku period.

This sword has the deepest Sori (curvature) yet of all of our swords ensuring maximum cutting power and efficiency with less force. The wide full length bo-hi (blood groove) continues all the way to the Yokote line, which separates the rest of the nagasa from our appealing trademark; the O-kissaki tip. The wide bo-hi lightens and stiffens the blade, providing effortless handling. Flaming, vivid and extremely visible; the sanbon-suki style hamon is unlike in other swords we have produced. In contrast to the imposing nagasa and gorgeous flaming hamon line, we added a simplified brass habaki.

Handcrafted and decorated Shinken Sword

Even though the tsuka has many distinctive characteristics from the Muromachi era Tachi sword, like the tsuba and kabuto gane style antique finished kashira, the tsuka shape itself is a bit more katana-like. Delicate Rikko (hourglass) shape along with Tsumami Maki wrapping guarantees a firm and secure grip when wielding the weapon. The length of the tsuka on the other hand is similar to a Tachi; meant for a more spaced out two hand grip. When gripping the sword with two hands, the customized antique finished brass menuki fit perfectly into the palm securing a firm grasp. The dark brown Ito is secured with customized flower patterned antique plated brass fuchi and kashira, both beautifully framing the black rayskin peeking from underneath the Ito. Regardless of the decorative elements on this sword, we can guarantee that the balance this Shinken Sword is right on the spot and set for heavy tameshigiri.

The Sengoku Bushō Shinken scabbard is truly a masterpiece; curved to the maximum, fully unique and unlike anything seen before. The impressive brass fittings on the sword being a cherry on top of the cake. Thanks to the perfectly fitted seppa plate/s and koiguchi, the sword truly snaps into and out of its saya, leaving absolutely zero gap between the parts. The high grade dark brown silk Sageo is secured on the saya with a buffalo horn kurigata. The black buffalo horn kurigata adds a nice contrast to the lacquered light brown hardwood saya. The natural knots in the hardwood give the sword a distinctive and luxurious look. The antique brass semegane and sayajiri (cap) at the end of the saya, characteristical to Tachi, bring the whole design together. 


​As always, this Shinken Sword is guaranteed BattleBlades quality and comes with an embroidered BattleBlades silk sword bag as well as a serial numbered certificate. 

​Order your handforged Sengoku Bushō Shinken Sword now - check our dealers here!

Read more about 1095 steel and katana parts.




3.32 Shaku / 100.6 cm /  39.6 in


2.38 Shaku / 72.2 cm /  28.43 in


0.91 shaku / 27.5 cm /  10.83 in


 7 mm / 0.28 in


3mm / 0.12 in


3.1 cm /  1.22 in


2.3 cm / 0.91 in


clay tempered hand forged 1095 steel


1.09 kg /  2.4 lbs

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